The Facebook Algorithm Minefield

It’s been there for a while now but the Facebook algorithm is still the source of many people’s frustration when posting on Facebook. If you’re unsure what this is then I will start with a brief overview on the algorithm, then moving on to a few tips which can help you out.

What is the Facebook Algorithm? 

Do you remember a time where you would see anything and everything your friends and FB pages post? Well, that was a while ago, Facebook was in its infancy and the amount of accounts on the site was just a fraction of what it is today. Imagine seeing every post from all the pages you like now, we would be scrolling through our timelines for hours, likely seeing more bad content than good. The algorithm was put in place to ‘protect’ the consumer, showing us content which is deemed ‘good’.

How to Survive it

It’s all about the quality – The word quality is thrown around a lot, I could go on forever on what defines a quality post but the simple resolution is to know your audience. Post blogs, imagery, videos to reflect your audience’s interest, if it’s quality content they will tell you by interacting with that post.facebook live

Go live – Facebook love live, this is because “Facebook Live videos are more interesting in the moment than after the fact.” They will notify your audience when live and post it higher up the wall, bringing people to your video, page and maybe other content.

Don’t Spam – There’re various ways to be ‘spammy’ but here’re some of the biggest. Click bait – “you’ll never guess what this celebrity did’ is a prime example. Like bait – asking your followers to like or share a post is a big Facebook no, they are more likely to penalise you for this type of post. Reposting the same content, over and over again will bore your followers and the facebook algorithm so be creative and try mixing it up.

Get a reaction – Social media is about evoking a reaction which is why Facebook introduced these guys. If your audience engages with a post then the Facebook algorithm will notice these engagements, deem it as ‘good’ content and share it with more people. So when posting think about this, how can you evoke an emotion with your followers? Remember to keep it relevant.


Final Thought

You post what you think is an amazing post but the reach and engagement is much lower than anticipated. It’s easy to blame the algorithm but at the end of the day, the content you’re posting isn’t regarded as quality. It’s a hard pill to swallow but even experienced social media marketers come across this. The important thing is to analyse what you could do differently, look into your insights and compare it to previous posts for future reference. You could even try reposting the same content with what you learned e.g. reposting a blog with a new image and text,  if it’s a dud then move on, your audience isn’t interested in that article. Social media is all about analysing what you’ve done, constantly learning and developing on the way, never be afraid of trying new things, just learn and develop.