facebook messenger bot

Ways to Use a Facebook Messenger Bot

Messenger bots are strongly considered throughout the industry to be the next big tool in digital marketing. As well as a big customer service tool, there are many more ways to use a chatbot. In this blog, I will mention some examples, benefits and give you some inspiration to create your own Facebook Messenger Bot. Click on the […]

Building Trust on Social Media

The Perks of Building Trust on Social Media

Building trust on social media is an area which is overlooked by many companies. New businesses especially. I’ve worked or have spoken to many small businesses/ startups with little or no social media presence. Their main objective is to bring in sales or people to the website, which is understandable. But does the customer have […]

Social Media Scheduling

Social Media Scheduling: Stay Ahead of the Game

Social media is about being present, conversing with people as well as posting great content. But saying that, scheduling is an important approach to take. In this post, I will talk about how I schedule social media to my advantage and the benefits of staying ahead of the social media game. The Perks of Social Media […]

Social Media Robot

Don’t Post Like a Social Media Robot!

I always feel social media is here so we can converse with new audiences across the globe and engage with people who choose to follow our pages. We can be offering our audience value with the quality of content we post, but where’s the conversation? No conversation defeats the point of social media and squashes the […]

social media content

7 Types of Perky Social Media Content

I recently spoke at a social media event (social media start to finish) where I explained the importance of engagement and content. The 3 topics of the event were strategy, content and tools. The presentation outlined the various types of content which the audience can use themselves and gave examples of how I use content with various […]

social media, holiday

The Perks of Posting Social Media Holidays

What is a social media holiday? Do you ever see a random holiday trend on Twitter? From the power of social media there’s literally one for every occasion. From #TalkLikeaPirateDay to #AnswerThePhoneLikeBuddy TheElfDay, the range of hashtag holidays is ridiculous. Here’s a pre-made calendar which shows some more examples of holidays. Why do you need […]

Facebook Algorithm

How to Survive the Facebook Algorithm Minefield

The Facebook Algorithm Minefield This blog was posted originally last year but with the new Facebook news feed change coming in, I feel this blog needed a review. It’s been there for a while now but the Facebook algorithm is still the source of many people’s frustration when posting on Facebook. If you’re unsure what this is then […]

Social Media Tools used to Trump the Candidacy

So, Donald Trump, a lot of people love him and a lot loath him. But how has this republican candidate underdog won the republican candidacy? There are a lot or reasons but a big one is his social media presence, at last count he had 8,069,399 FOLLOWERS on twitter and 7,662,600 on Facebook, which is growing every day. But what […]

Why your business needs live streaming

So live streaming, we’ve all heard of it and maybe know how to do it.  Periscope is growing at a strong pace and we are all seeing live streaming on Facebook more and more, the point is that it’s growing and you need to get on the bandwagon. But do you know why we need […]

6 Reasons to use Social Media Marketing

So social media marketing, even though you may be thinking, well, this is going to be biassed. You’re right. But, social media is now an essential part of every business and millions of companies can’t be wrong can they? But anyway, here’s why your business should use social media marketing. It’s FREE – Well kinda, you have to pay […]

Why Instagram is taking over the world

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. But what is Instagram? Why is there so much hype? So let us start with what is Instagram? Instagram is a social network which allows users to post videos/photos which can then be viewed by followers or anyone around the world. Those followers can then like your […]